Q)Are there different type of residential elevators?

A. Yes, the difference is all in the type of drive system you choose for your elevator. The 2 types are roped hydraulic home elevator and electrical traction elevator. Each system has its advantages and cost considerations. The hydraulic home elevator the least expensive of the 2 with more advantages. Please see our article on Home Elevators for more information.

Q)Is a pit required to have a residential elevator? And if so, how deep?

A. Although the conventional elevators require huge pits which increases the cost of the installation but Premier Home Elevators requires a pit depth of 8″ maximum.

Q)Are residential elevators safe?

A. Yes, residential elevators are safe as long as you follow the rules set forth by code and manufactures recommendations. All home elevators are not created equal. Make sure that the elevator you purchase follows all safety requirements and your contractor is licensed by the state to do business in your area.

Q)Are elevators expensive?

A. Residential elevators are not expensive when you consider the benefits and resale value to your investment. An elevator that meets all safety requirements will start closer to 1 million – 1.4 million PKR installed. Do not be fooled by elevators you can buy on a lot less. Safety, reliability, and service are key to enjoying your elevator for years to come, and you will pay more for the guarantee plus we meet all of their requirements for financial stability, qualified personnel, and service.

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